4 Ways to Flip Feedback for Leaders and Managers

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Aug 30
4 Ways to Flip Feedback for Leaders and Managers EOA Social

Feedback for team members in the work environment is a double edged sword. On one hand it can be constructive and useful, while on the other hand it can also cause stress and discomfort.

The stress and discomfort usually comes about because of the top-down aspect of feedback. Usually it’s a manager or leader providing feedback to a team member for the purposes of ‘course correction.’

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In this episode:

  • How to flip the top-down feedback culture to a bottom-up feedback culture
  • How constructive feedback isn’t always positive hence the value in trying the flip approach
  • You want specific feedback that you can action so be specific with your questions
  • Specific question examples you can use for feedback
  • Seek feedback from all directions, not just your leader or manager, and don’t just go for the friendly option
  • Make proactive feedback a regular habit
  • Make your request for feedback as close to an event or situation as possible so it's fresh in people's mind
  • If a culture has been established that invites and welcomes feedback, those conversations will be much easier and more productive to have.

4 Ways to Flip Feedback for Leaders and Managers

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