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May 08

Awareness, Acceptance and Action

People Leaders Podcast

Awareness, Acceptance and Action EOA

Today we’re sharing a simple yet powerful model we’ve been using to help our clients work through the process of change. It’s called the Awareness Acceptance Action Model, and it’s a framework or continuum with three stages. Moving through each stage will help you experience a different response in any given situation so that you […]

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Apr 26

Building Your Brand As A People Leader

People Leaders Podcast

Building Your Brand As A People Leader EOA

Recently, we’ve coached a number of people leaders who’ve received feedback from their upline managers around the importance of building their personal brand. We thought it would be interesting to talk about how to build your reputation from a perspective of building relationships.Download Mp3​SUBSCRIBE HERE:Email | iTunes | Stitcher | Subscribe on Android | […]

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Apr 10

Your Leadership Playbook

People Leaders Podcast

Your Leadership Playbook EOA

When we think of a playbook, we think of a strategy or plan used in a team sport. In this podcast, we’re talking about how you can create your own personal playbook. It’s a useful tool that helps purposeful leaders focus their efforts when they’re going into or have come out of a project or […]

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