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Podcasts are the fastest growing and easiest forms of authority marketing to create, yet few people know how to maximise the value of podcasting for their business. We can help with that and we can show how you can get the effortless attention that you and your business deserve.

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This episode was first published on the Body Torque website here. Jo Formosa, the founder of Back2Health and co-founder of[...]
XRM: Jon Hollenberg (Podcast Booking Agency)
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How To Write A New Story For You And Your Business
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Taki Moore Interview: Creating A Life That Works For You
In this episode we dive deep into the world of Eastern medicine, self-healing, meditation and humanity in business with Ed[...]
How To Be An Energised Leader: How We Manage Our Personal Energy
With the start of our new Energised Leader series, we thought it would be a good chance to tell you[...]
Neil Macdonald Interview – Embracing Your Inner Entrepreneur
In this episode, Rex chats to friend and client Neil Macdonald owner of Fairway Financial, who has been running his[...]
Virginia Thompson Interview – Being An Effective Leader In A World Of Uncertainty
As a business owner or people leader often your work changes the lives of your customers and clients. But what[...]