The 10 Key Steps of Team-Based Planning

People Leaders Podcast

Jan 19

In our last podcast, we introduced you to the idea of team-based planning and its many benefits. To recap, it’s an activity most commonly carried out at the beginning of the year (or whenever a refresh is required), and it’s guaranteed to bring clarity, focus and direction to your team. Team-based planning gets everyone on board, aligned and invested not only in the outcome, but the journey too. 

In this episode

  • 10 key steps to help you with this valuable planning process
  • Step One - Situation Analysis. A situation analysis provides context so that everyone starts the planning process on the same page.
  • To start creating the plan, we recommend the tried and tested SWOT Analysis method which asks the question...
  • Step Three - Stakeholder Analysis
  • Step Four - Team Purpose
  • Step Five - Team Values
  • Step Six - Setting Objectives
  • Step Seven – Resources and Support
  • Step Eight – Shoring up the Plan
  • Step Nine - Creating a Timeline
  • Step Ten – Keeping the Plan Alive
  • Getting your team involved in the planning process, with everyone contributing and on board, is a skill that every people leader would do well to master.

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