5 Reasons Why a Blog is the Best Authority Builder

5 Reasons Why a Blog is the Best Authority Builder EOA

Do I really need a blog? No. Next question? But what if I want to be seen as a leader in my field or increase my earning power?

Well if that’s the case, the answer is probably yes. It’s no coincidence that ‘authority’ and ‘author’ both have the same origins. And while authority has a dual meaning, both versions of the word imply a sense of power.

But this doesn’t mean that you need to lord over others or dominate them in some way to be a leader in your field. I really like this interpretation from Etymonline - "power derived from good reputation; power to convince people, capacity for inspiring trust.” (my emphasis).

Those are useful skills to have both in life and business don’t you think?

In this episode: 

  • Blog is Versatile - While you can use other media to establish yourself as an authority - they can all be housed on your blog easily.
  • A Blog has Permanence. A blog can even ‘live” past you.
  • A Blog establishes your ‘Real Estate’ online: Blogging on someone else’s site, or on social media, then you’re at the mercy of whether their site changes the rules or worse, gets taken down. Having a blog is like buying your own internet ‘real estate’ and keeps you in control.
  • A blog is Easy to Use. You don’t need to be intimidated by technology. Having a blog can be simple, and a WordPress site is even easier to use than MS Word.
  • A blog allows you to provide a larger quantity of your expertise to the marketplace. In the world of authority marketing quantity beats quality. You want both, but quantity keeps you top-of-mind.

Establishing authority in your field will require that you do some ‘authory’ stuff. #authoritybuilder

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