6 Good Coaching Habits For Managers and Leaders

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Sep 07
6 Good Coaching Habits For Managers and Leaders

As you move up the leadership chain, your role steadily changes from supervisor to manager to leader. Supervisors are very task oriented and the focus of their work is ensuring that outputs are met in a particular timeframe. Managers and leaders however are more focused on empowering their team members to take responsibility for their own outputs.

In the modern work environment, this requires managers and leaders to be coaches and mentors, usually to their team members but also occasionally to their colleagues as well. Essentially, coaching is about bringing out the best in team members rather than making them work harder or faster.

Empowering someone through coaching as a manager or leader means to step back and let them execute, not just in their own way, but also with their own style

#Leadership Tip - Remember that every conversation you have with your team members is a coaching conversation.

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