A Legend In His Own Lunchtime – Richard Triggs Gets Interviewed

Arete Podcast with Richard Triggs

Jan 31

In this episode we’re switching things around and instead of me doing the interview, this time I’m being interviewed. Brett Jarman, the Founder and CEO of Experts on Air, the agency that produces and hosts my podcast, turned the tables on me in my office and interviewed me for the podcast. I hope you find it as interesting as he did :-).

Brett will also be co-hosting with me on some future episodes of the Arete Executive Podcast.

In this episode: 

  • My early life, my aspirations of becoming a rock star and my band Leather Zen

  • How we beat Powderfinger in the QLD Rock Awards

  • How my working career began

  • Finishing my undergraduate degree

  • Working for James Hardie as a sales person

  • My first mentor

  • Going bacSave workk to university to complete my executive MBA

  • What made me realise the difficulty and complexity of the recruitment industry

  • 90% of people who go to work in the recruitment industry leave within 2 years and never return

  • My surprise at the recruitment industry’s reputation and their low commitment to delivering high customer experience

  • What I did to set myself ahead of the rest

  • How a retreat I experienced changed my outlook on the next steps in my career

  • 1st Feb 2009 the beginning of Arete Executive

  • My ambitions to become a politician?

  • A confusing and confronting experience for me working as an executive and living amongst Buddhists

  • Integrating my professional and spiritual life

  • Why we picked the name Arete Executive

  • The people who have influenced me on a professional and personal level

  • My professional and personal development

  • The biggest changes in the recruitment industry in the last 10 to 15 years

  • The importance of building my LinkedIn connections

  • The impact of LinkedIn on the recruitment industry

  • What the constants of the recruitment industry have been

  • Why there is a high churn and burn rate in the recruitment industry

  • The issues with contingency based recruiters

  • What sets Arete Executive apart from the rest

  • Why recruiters are the worst at recruiting for their own business

Ambition for me now is broadening my community. I love to be of service and regarded as a trusted advisor and I love to support people in achieving their full potential. #HeadhuntedShortlists #Recruitment #AretePodcast

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