Aligning Your Mind With Affirmations – The Key To Success

Mind Matters with Rex Urwin & Catherine Connolly

Mar 27
Aligning Your Mind With Affirmations - The Key To Success

How can we change our way of thinking in order to change our world? Many people practise an affirmation - a statement or a declaration asserting that something is true. They use it as a way of trying to change their circumstances in life because it offers emotional support and encouragement, but for many, it doesn’t work. At least not by itself.

In this episode, we take a deeper look at how an affirmation is received by the brain and whether it can actually help you shape your life for the better.

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Episode highlights:

  • What is an affirmation?
  • Why do affirmations not work by themselves?
  • Aligning your conscious and unconscious mind
  • Tidying up your history - forgetting the negative connotations around certain things based on past experiences
  • Practising affirmative language
  • Understanding the way you think
  • Your personal history doesn’t need to be a part of your current world
  • Writing a new history for yourself
  • Alice in Wonderland quote
  • Face the world with an ‘adult mind’
  • What skills Mind Matters can teach you
  • Forming new habits is possible


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If you want affirmations to be able to change your beliefs and therefore your life, you need to understand the way you think. #MindMatters #Mindset #Habit

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