Is Bad Breath Killing Your Business?

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Aug 02
Is bad breath killing your business - Blog Post

You’ve heard the saying ‘bad breath kills business’? Well, it really should be bad breathing. It's a little bit of a joke between us, but we're talking about bad breathing in the sense of energy management and how it can affect your overall state and hinder choices made in all areas of your life, including, you guessed it, business.

In this podcast episode, we’ll be talking about energy management from aspects of the mind and the body.

Episode highlights

  • Knowing your ‘personal battery level’ is vital to be effective in business or at work. You’ll flow between red, yellow and green but using your breath is a quick and easy tool to charge yourself back up is powerful (literally).

  • Are you running on high, medium or low energy charge while working? Learn how to recharge your energy levels quickly and be more efficient and attentive during your working day.

  • Supercharging with the breath and personal energy managementBreathing is the fastest way to change your body's chemistry, thus is the fastest way to change your state.

  • The power of 3

Did you know breathing is the fastest way to change your body's chemistry, thus the fastest way to change your state of mind? That’s a critical skill in business and work. #business #success #biohack

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