Ben Fewtrell Interview – Building A Better Business

Ben Fewtrell Interview - Building A Better Business

Do you ever wonder where you sit on the business owner spectrum? You may be a business owner but there’s a thin line between successfully running a business and just being self-employed.

I interviewed Ben Fewtrell, co-owner of MaxMyProfit, who told me business owners who are merely their own employees is more common than you think.

Ben, along with his business partner David Carlin, runs the NSW-based company, whose detailed and comprehensive e-Learning programmes help Australian business owners build a better business.

The coaching business is based on the Business Exceleration™ Blueprint, a five-stage business growth system supported by an online hub of tools and resources.

Ben has been in the business coaching industry since 2001 after being involved in a franchise, and later branching out on his own to build a business with employees.

In this interview, he talks diversifying, building a business through social media and mastering the transition from delivery to leadership.

In this episode: 

  • Things you didn’t know about Ben - his time in SagaCity

  • What’s the principle behind the Business Accelerator Blueprint?

  • The checklist for every business

  • The 5 stages of running a business

  • Helping business owners get back to doing what they love

  • Transitioning from self-employed to business owner

  • A book is your best business card

  • Building your business through social media - YouTube pros vs cons

  • Sideline business - landscape photography

  • Building authority with a Facebook Group - Business Brain Food

  • A blog post a day - building a rapport with guest bloggers

  • Ben’s a big fan of Gary Vaynerchuk

  • How Ben leverages his expertise

  • Creating YouTube content for B2B

  • Franchising the business - a natural next step

  • Finding the right franchisees

  • Franchise market response

  • Ben’s selective employment process

  • The dirty little secrets of the business coaching industry

  • Ben’s transition from delivery to leadership

  • Building a business for the second time

  • What would Ben do differently?

“Nobody gets into business to fail, yet statistically, that’s what’s happening.” Ben Fewtrell More from @bfewtrell on the Authority Accelerator podcast #BusinessCoaching

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