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Apr 16
Ben Fewtrell - CEO - MaxMyProfit EOA Social

Building a business based on something you love is easy. Building a business that works without your constant attention isn’t.

Too many business owners run away with a business idea without having the skill set they need for it to really take off and fail to understand what’s missing.

In this episode, I chat to Ben Fewtrell, CEO of multi-million dollar business MaxMyProfit. He’s been in the business coaching and training space since 2001, so he’s seen his fair share of business successes and failures.

His career is varied, starting as a panel beater, working in the transportation industry and owning several businesses over the years, including two hairdressers! He’s also a fellow podcaster as host of the Business Brain Food Podcast.

Now, he focuses on coaching and consulting business owners looking to ‘build the business they imagined’ with the Business Exceleration™ Coaching program. MaxMyProfit also offers Business Exceleration™ Franchises, since 2018. 

In this episode: 

  • Been working in the business coaching and training space since 2001
  • Working as a franchisee and developing his own business coaching company, MaxMyProfit
  • Thoughts behind the name of the business - people get into business to make money
  • Team of 11, of whom 7 are business accelerators - 3 employees and 4 franchisees
  • Offices in Melbourne, Sydney CBD and north of Melbourne
  • The Business Excelerator Program - for anybody who got into business wanting more than what they’ve currently got
  • MaxMyProfit’s tagline - ‘Helping business owners build the business they imagined’
  • Entrepreneur vs intrapreneur 
  • The types of business owners Ben works with and how they come to him
  • Born in Sydney, parents from England were business owners, one older sister
  • From panel beater to business owner via the trucking industry
  • Making the decision to transition from being a manager to a business owner
  • Telemarketing in business - the most powerful strategy
  • Ben’s current client base and the most common challenges - cash flow, hiring the right people and time management skills
  • How Ben has built his toolkit as a business coach - experience gathered over the years
  • Ben’s thoughts on the future of business as technology continues to improve
  • Business Brain Food Podcast - started 9 years ago
  • What Ben enjoys doing in his spare time - an ‘adventure creator’ who enjoys landscape photography

“Some people want to be self-employed but if you want to build a business, you need to build a machine - something that works without you having to work in it.” - Ben Fewtrell @MaxmyprofitAU #BusinessCoaching #Entrepreneur

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