Move It Or Lose It – The Importance Of Moving Your Body

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Mar 07
Move It Or Lose It – The Importance Of Moving Your Body EOA Social

“The body will become better at whatever you do - or don't do. You don't move? The body will make you better at not moving. If you move, your body will allow you more movement.”

That’s a quote by movement legend, Ido Portal, that perfectly sums up what we want to tell you in this episode.

Too many of us live a sedentary lifestyle and think nothing of it. Let’s face it, we are pretty good at being comfortable. We are built for comfort and have robots doing everything for us - from the assistant on our iPhones, to remote controls and even Uber Eats!
Moving your body is so important because it ensures you don’t lose flexibility and a whole lot of other functionality. But understanding why and how best to increase your daily movement is just as important. 

Episode highlights:
  • How technology restricts our movement nowadays
  • Why moving your body is so important - flexibility and functionality
  • statistic
  • Our three golden rules for movement from our book, ‘Three Lessons On How To Lower Stress Naturally
  • Trust the body and move gently, breathe while you move, and move in all three planes
  • Start your day with a morning walk, or morning swagger!
  • Regular movement doesn’t have to be complex or hard
  • Why walking is especially good for women
  • Why movement is good for your digestion and lymphatic draining
  • Incorporating stretching and breathing
  • Quote by Ido Portal
  • What happens when you hit 30 - hitting your peak and a change in your hormones
  • Why you need to adjust the way you exercise once you reach 30
  • Moving the need from discipline to devotion

A habit is something you do without even thinking about it. When you repeatedly do the same thing, the feel-good hormone dopamine is released in your body and you get a little hit of that every time that ‘perform’ your habit. #BreatheMe #MentalHealth #Habit

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