How To Break Free From The Stories Holding You Back From Business Success

Mind Matters with Rex Urwin & Catherine Connolly

May 15
How To Break Free From The Stories Holding You Back From Business Success Social

This is the second instalment of a three-part series based on the stories we tell ourselves and how they affect the results we achieve in life.

As we explored in the first of the series, the human brain becomes habituated. It learns by engaging the nervous system, the memory system and the sensory system and repetition of patterns over time makes something seem ‘normal’. 

So, to rewrite a story that's habituated, you need to first undo it in those places in a particular way. Essentially this means releasing it before replacing the old story with a new one. 

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Episode highlights:

  • What is the story you’ve been telling yourself?
  • Reflect on your current/old story to begin to release it to make way for a new one
  • ‘Listen’ to your posture - are you slumped over (sad) or tense and rigid (anxious)?
  • It’s common for business owners to find themselves in a state of anxiety on a regular basis
  • Recognise whether you’re reactive at work and in your personal life
  • Moving towards being proactive rather than reactive
  • Are you trying to get away from the villain of your story? That could be money struggles or a business partnership gone wrong
  • Writing your new story - think about the state in which you want to exist as a leader
  • Change the way you approach your business and work from negative to positive
  • Take notice of your not-so-useful behaviours and moods and write them down
  • Ask your team for feedback
  • How mentors can help you notice, understand and release unsupportive and unproductive behaviours and moods as a leader to make way for better ones


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To disconnect from the old story requires you to interact with the being or the identity of the character of the new success story. When you connect to your new story, you’ll actually look at what you’re doing instead of just, doing. 

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