Breathing To Be ‘Mission Ready’

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Nov 30
Breathing to be mission ready - Breathe Me

Today we're talking about breathing to be ‘mission ready’. You might have heard us using this term before but what does it mean?

In a world where we’re constantly trying to better ourselves, be it in our careers, our relationships or other areas of life, it’s easy to become complacent.

We spend time learning new techniques and strategies, making plans for new ways to move forward in life, by learning new things. We become a master of these things, which of course, is great, but sometimes things still just don’t feel right. Usually, it’s because people forget to make a plan to take care of their physical body.

I (Shane) have a military background, so being mission ready is always important to me. But on the whole, we’ve found most people don’t think about it that way.

Episode highlights

  • What It means to be ‘mission ready’

  • Coming up with strategies to improve ourselves but neglecting the body

  • Mastering your business, career or relationship

  • Entering the ‘ad hoc’ phase in life and struggling to move past it

  • Learning to let go so you can get on with your natural flow

  • The connection between the gut, heart and the mind - the importance of learning to trust it

  • Breathing to move from “mastery to the effortless advantage”

“We’re firm believers that your business, your relationships, your money investing and your finances will only go as far as your body will allow you.” #PeakPerformance #MindBody #BreatheMe

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