Breathing To Harmonise Your Natural Cycles

Breathing To Harmonise Your Natural Cycles EOA

There’s a topic that is big in the breathing world at the moment: circadian rhythm. Put simply, that’s your natural rhythm driven by your 24-hour internal clock that runs in the background in your brain. It’s also known as the sleep-wake cycle.

When it comes to sleeping, your body has a natural cycle. Most of your regeneration programmes happen when you’re sleeping but sometimes your circadian rhythm might be out of sync.

You can use your breathing to get into your rhythm, but breathing alone isn’t enough. We’ve realised the importance harmonising your natural cycles with mother nature.

Episode highlights

  • Sleeping and cell regeneration

  • Mitochondria in your cells

  • Chasing the sunlight - getting up for sunrise to allow our bodies to refuel

  • Moon cycles and why they’re important for us in general

  • The significance of moon cycles for women

  • Winding down in the evenings - turn off white light, wear blue-blocking glasses, use candle light and red light

  • Improving your sleep by turning off ‘foreign’ light

  • Being at one with nature

Breathing is the fastest way to build the energy to get what we want from life but everything we need is already there in nature. #BreatheMe #Energy

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