Business Planning: How To Get What You Want From The Year Ahead

Private Practice Made Perfect with Cathy Love

Oct 29
Business Planning How To Get What You Want From The Year Ahead EOA

It’s getting to that time of year when everything seems to speed up, blurring past us at record pace. It’s a busy time of year but it’s also the perfect time to delve deep into strategic business planning for the year ahead.

A lot of business owners tell me they will do their business planning in January, which is OK. It’s a lot better than no business planning. But would they benefit more from getting a red hot run in the last few months of the previous year? I think so. 

In this episode: 

  • Why is it good to plan for the year ahead?

  • How to use real life information to build a solid business plan

  • Identifying your highs and lows

  • Dissecting your business - profit, team, services, clients, pricing

  • Looking at your software and systems - are they working for you?

  • Do you have ‘background business hum’?

  • Asking yourself the all-important question: what do you want your business to look like?

  • Taking a look at your marketing and promotional material - how will clients find you locally, nationally and internationally?

  • Playing the numbers game to build a better plan

Finding time to look back and reflect on your year and then using that information going forward in the coming year is much more powerful than most realise. #BusinessPlanning #AlliedHealth

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