Beat Business Stress – How To Influence Your Brain To Achieve What You Want

Mind Matters with Rex Urwin & Catherine Connolly

Apr 03
Beat Business Stress - How To Influence Your Brain To Achieve What You Want EOA Social

A common problem for small to medium business owners - ourselves included - is feeling frustrated. It’s far too easy to give in to negativity when things go wrong, leaving you feeling sad and hopeless.

What’s worse is, because of the way our brain is wired, we create further frustration and daily problems. So how can we overcome it? By simulating experiences and learning to adapt.

In this episode, we take a look at how the brain works when dealing with stress and what you can do to change your circumstances. 

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Episode highlights:

  • Understanding how the brain works
  • Being stuck in a business rut - feeling frustrated because you’re not getting where you want to go business-wise
  • Change your thinking by listening, and change your thinking to listen
  • Small to medium business owners typically use an old blueprint of their brain
  • Using past habits, thoughts, feelings and experiences to train ourselves to think differently
  • Reacting differently to obstacles in your business and daily frustrations
  • Learning to see obstacles as a pathway to new solutions
  • Keep your vision of business success in mind when you are next faced with a difficult time
  • Instead of reacting the same way to obstacles, take a deep breath and accept what it happening before responding
  • Don’t feed negativity and frustration - it’ll only make things worse
  • How to create new neurological patterns
  • Ask yourself the right questions - what is happening? What can I do to change it?
  • What needs to be left till later?
  • One of the qualities of a culture that survives is adaptability - be grateful for the ability to change


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At the end of the day, changing your life starts with you. If you continue to give in to the negative thoughts, and let the frustration take over, nothing will ever improve. #MindMatters #Coaching #BusinessSuccess

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