The Power Of The Brain: Think Your Way To Business Success

Mind Matters with Rex Urwin & Catherine Connolly

Apr 11
The Power Of The Brain: Think Your Way To Business Success Social

Being a successful business owner and leader doesn’t come easily - it takes hard work, dedication and the right mindset.

In this episode, Rex takes a look at how you can create a mindset that will not only enable you to develop more skills but also to improve as a leader, enjoy business success, and create a balanced lifestyle.

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Episode highlights:

  • Misconceptions of the mind - we are not our thoughts and ideas
  • The brain is not governed by the universe
  • Many people tend to think negatively and give up when they don’t see the success they hoped for coming to fruition
  • The brain can be trained - it is flexible and adaptable
  • How can we train our brains? By choosing to practise new beliefs
  • When we’re good at something we practise it, but it all starts with good, solid foundations
  • Even when we become experts or masters at something, we still practise the basics
  • If you have a solid foundation, you can begin to change your behaviour
  • How to identify the behaviours needed to get the results you want
  • Undoing bad behaviour, habituated thinking and beliefs
  • Your thoughts are more practised than you might think - 90% of what we say isn’t a unique, original statement
  • An example of how Rex has been learning to change his mindset to reach success in rope jumping
  • Practise of the correct strategy makes perfect - eventually it becomes muscle memory and natural
  • Being open to change makes all the difference - let go of your judgement of yourself and your team


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It is commonly understood these days that the brain is flexible, adaptable and is able to change its mind, so to speak. How? By you choosing to practise new beliefs. #MindMatters #Mindset #SelfHelp

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