Reach Your Business Goals: How To Avoid Self-Sabotaging Behaviour

Mind Matters with Rex Urwin & Catherine Connolly

Apr 18
Reach Your Business Goals How To Avoid Self-Sabotaging Behaviour

A hot topic with our clients right now is the concept of sabotaging your own goal. While ‘sabotage’ means to deliberately destroy, damage, or obstruct something, it’s not something we business owners do on purpose. But many of us do have self-sabotaging behaviours that, if not controlled, can prevent us from achieving our goals.  

As well as stopping us from reaching our goals, self-sabotaging behaviour can make us less committed altogether.

In this episode, Catherine is looking at common behaviours among business owners and how, with the right mindset and strategy in place, you can reach your goals.  

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Episode highlights:

  • Self-sabotaging behaviours - a common example

  • Money as a source of frustration for many business owners

  • A look at the reasons for frustration in business when it comes to money - not having enough despite business being good

  • Finding your financial identity - how expanding your belief of the possibilities can help you achieve your financial goals

  • Each level of profitability begins with an upgrade in your beliefs and identity

  • Blaming ourselves or others for not reaching our goals - sabotaging ourselves with negative thinking and terminology

  • The importance of having the right mindset and strategy in place

  • Learning from experience

  • Finding your motivation - think about the effects that achieving your goal will have on your life as a whole

  • Learning to redirect your attention when your environment changes

  • Catherine’s experience of focusing her attention and taking notice of her negative inner thoughts

  • How to move away from fear and panic - the power of deep breathing

  • Why fear and anxiety sabotage your goals - you can’t think clearly and efficiently when you’re worrying

  • Find yourself a role model - someone who has achieved the same or similar goal

  • Look at the strategy someone else has used to achieve what you want

  • Start each day by imagining your success


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Clarity over your destination makes it much easier to reach it, and at the end of the day, achieving your goal depends on you. With the right mindset and strategies in place, you can get to where you want to be. #MindMatters #Mindset #Success

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