Carrie Harris Interview – Finding Purpose And Meaning For Your Business

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Apr 18
Carrie Harris Interview - Finding Purpose And Meaning For Your Business Social

As a business owner or people leader often your work changes the lives of your customers and clients. But what about making a change to your local community? Even the smallest changes can have the biggest impact, and can really boost your company’s success.

In this episode we chat to Carrie Harris, president of Aspire Worldwide. Her team builds customised Give Back programs and teaches businesses how to increase their success using their resources to make a positive change, both near and far.

Aspire Worldwide gives back by contributing a portion of all their profits to Operation Underground Railroad, whose mission is to rescue children from sex slavery.

Over the years, Carrie has created programs including the Caring Kids Program and Family Preservation of Utah, which addressed social needs in her own community. Currently, she’s working with The American Campus helping individuals from third world countries receive an education and leadership and entrepreneur skills to strengthen their communities and country. 

In this episode:

  • What Carrie does and her career background
  • What a Give Back Program is and why businesses have them
  • An example of a business that builds beds for children who have never slept in a bed - team competitions to see who can make the most beds
  • Involving as many people in your business as you can - promoting a good business culture and positive work environment
  • The process for a small company - think about causes that you’re passionate about and look at the needs of that cause
  • Looking at both ROIs - return on investment and return on impact
  • How Carrie helps businesses - Live To Give program
  • Creating a service-centered culture
  • Obstacles for people leaders that might stop them from giving back - they want to make a difference but don’t know where to start because it’s so overwhelming
  • There are needs in every community and businesses are the answer
  • Free 15 minute consultation with no obligation with Aspire Worldwide Inc

“It’s amazing what participating in a social impact program does to your employees, to your community and for the issues that you care about. It creates purpose and meaning in life.” - Carrie Harris #PeopleLeaders #GiveBack

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