Cathy Love and Her Authority Marketing Journey

Cathy Love is an Occupational Therapist, ICF trained coach, author and speaker. Her clinical experience spans three decades and involves thousands of children, families and support teams from all over the world. Cathy has presented workshops and papers at local, state, national and international events, participated in two Federal Expert Reference Groups.Cathy works with allied health professionals who are keen to develop powerful and profitable businesses that create a positive impact on their owners, teams and clients.

Cathy Love

In this episode

  • The story behind Cathy’s business name NACRE
  • Cathy explains her desire to work with children with special needs and teach them how to be independent
  • Cathy explains her journey from allied health professional to being a business owner and the challenges that came with that
  • After selling her business Cathy received an influx of requests to help other allied health professionals. She then realised that this was her next adventure
  • Cathy realised that content marketing was exactly what her clients needed to help improve their businesses
  • Cathy explains her fears in the early days of content marketing and what judgement she would face
  • What Cathy did that changed her writing and audience
  • Why e-magazines didn’t work and what Cathy’s team did to improve their metrics
  • How do you find time and make content marketing a priority?
  • How Cathy tracks and measures her authority marketing results
  • What Cathy does to entice future clients through her content mix
  • What lead magnets Cathy uses throughout social media and her newsletter
  • How writing a book has opened some new opportunities like speaking gigs
  • Where would the business be if you hadn’t embraced content marketing?
  • Cathy’s wise words to people who are reluctant to embrace content marketing:
  • The importance of re purposing your content and scheduling tools

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