Confident Closing by Chandell Labbozzetta

  • Creating a sales environment
  • What credibility and authority you represent
  • Converting discovery calls in high paying client
  • Role of short form video in marketing
  • Three different categories of selling

Chandell Labbozzetta is a highly successful sales and business development expert, NLP master trainer, motivational speaker, founder of Life Puzzle and author of the best-selling book, “Confident Closing”.

Starting her sales career early at the age of 14, Chandell has won both personal and team performance awards in corporate business development and marketing.

After experiencing professional burnout and severe depression, Chandell realised on her return to the corporate world after her recovery, that a holistic personal and business skill suite is the best way to eliminate many mental health issues that have business uncertainty and lack of confidence at their root.

As a highly sought after speaker on building high-performing teams, improving communication, and accelerating sales, Chandell’s passion is to empower others to overcome obstacles and achieve their personal and professional goals with confidence.