How to Create a Content Plan(ish) Part 2 – Pulling the plan together

How to Create a Content Plan(ish) Part 2 - Pulling the plan together

If you’re a fan of jigsaw puzzles then you’ll know that feeling you get when you’ve got the major parts of the puzzle together and you’re filling in all the bits in between. It’s the fun part because that’s where you get momentum and start to see what the finished product is going to look like.

That’s where we’re up to with our content planning process. In the previous episode, I ran through the first part of the process for creating a content plan. In this episode we pull it all together and wrap up the preparation phase.

In this episode: 

  • Preparing Your Content, Producing Your Content, Publishing Your Content and then Promoting Your Content and Repeat
  • What are your preferred content modes
  • How to pull your plan together
  • What templates you can use to help plan your content
  • Why you need content/client avatars and how to create them
  • Remember to batch your work

If you’ve always wanted to batch your content marketing process but didn’t know how, this will help #contentmarketing #authoritymarketing #brandawareness #authorityelevator

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