David Carter – CEO – Suncorp Banking & Wealth

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Apr 23
David Carter - CEO - Suncorp Banking & Wealth

In this episode I chat to David Carter, CEO Suncorp Banking & Wealth about some of the issues facing the banking industry and the challenge of restoring confidence for customers and employees.

Suncorp is the largest of the Queensland-listed public companies, with more than 1.1 million customers. David, who has a team of around 650+, is publicly thought of as the person who runs the bank, but his duties don’t stop there.

He’s also a board member of Queensland Ballet and Deputy Chair of Australian Banking Association with a strong background in financial services, including banking, wealth management and life insurance.

In this episode: 

  • David’s current range of responsibilities - CEO of Banking and Wealth at Suncorp, board member of Queensland Ballet and Deputy Chair of Australian Bankers’ Association

  • A look at Queensland Ballet, what they do well and how David got on the board

  • David’s views on being on a not-for-profit board - understanding the different nature and dynamics of a not-for-profit board

  • The shift in the arts scene to modernise it to appeal to more people

  • David’s experience of the AICD directors course and his thoughts on its importance for board members

  • Understanding the different nature of the business for not-for-profits versus corporate

  • Being a not-for-profit board member to help advance and promote the purpose

  • A bit about David’s role at Suncorp, its customers and team members

  • David’s background - born in Leicestershire, England; parents and siblings

  • David’s interest in finance, markets and economics and his first few jobs during adolescence

  • How David got into finance - engaging with ANZ and becoming aware of the opportunities in banking

  • Starting his career in front of customers and ending up financial advice

  • Building a portfolio of experience and moving into a C-level role

  • Leading a team and employing the right people - lessons David has learned over the years

  • John Nesbitt, former CEO of Suncorp encouraged David to take the role (Listen to my previous podcast with John here)

  • Going from CFO to CEO of Banking & Wealth - the mandate of the role

  • David’s philosophy when leading a team - built from his experiences and those he’s worked for

  • Key achievements in the role as CEO so far

  • The future of Suncorp and the industry - building confidence and trust in the sector and in Suncorp

  • The reputation of the finance sector and whether it can still attract a good pool of talent

  • The pros and cons of being a CEO for David

  • What David does in his spare time

“As a board member you’ve absolutely got to bring some diligence and skill and governance to the role, but you’re also there to help promote and advance the purpose.” - David Carter #HeadhuntedShortists #BoardMember

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