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Jan 09
Delegate Your Way To Better Leadership Ontraport

Today’s topic of choice is one we have found people leaders really struggle with, and can really open up so many opportunities for them: delegation.

In coaching or workshops, we often hear managers say, "Yes, but I'm so busy, surely I can't push any more work down on to the people that report to me." Our answer is simply, “Ask, you might be surprised by the response”.

If it's the right kind of work and is something your team is interested in or think it may help with their growth and development, they’ll likely say yes. Rarely do people say no, so managers shouldn’t use that as an excuse.

It's important not to assume, especially as a people leader, because there are so many benefits of delegating.

In this episode: 

  • The main reason managers don’t delegate - fear and a lack of trust

  • Leading rather than managing - delegating tasks for development opportunities

  • Accountability vs responsibility - understanding the difference when delegating

  • The dos and don’ts - knowing which tasks are OK to delegate to others and which tasks should be always done by you

  • How to decide what to delegate and who to assign the task to

  • The 5 questions to ask when preparing to delegate: a suitability index

  • Using our delegating template

When it comes to delegating work, it’s important to have a process in place: choosing the tasks, knowing what the task requires, and ultimately being able to assess the risk. #PeopleLeaders #Delegation #Leadership

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