Eileen Forrestal Interview – It’s time to Wake up!

Eileen Forrestal spent over 20 years of her 32 year medical career as an Anaesthetist - ‘putting people to sleep’ and is now in the business of 'waking people up’ via her coaching and Get Up & Go Publications company.

As a child and teenager Eileen had a stammer and was not confident to talk, which led to her choice of university course – medicine – that would take 7 years to complete – long enough to overcome her shyness (with no time for talking!)

Her study gave her the knowledge of how to treat the physical body and she went on to have a satisfying career as an anaesthetist, putting people to sleep and numbing the pain. The drugs worked instantly : instant sleep = instant gratification.

In 2006, Eileen, who hails from Sligo, 2 hours north west of Dublin, got involved with her beloved inspirational and motivational ‘Get Up & Go’ Diaries and Journals, and worked half time as an anaesthetist. This was e perfect combination of looking after the physical body (putting them to sleep and numbing the pain) with drugs and half time looking after people’s minds, aka ‘waking people up’ with words.

In 2013 she received a phone call inviting her to attend an Entrepreneur ‘Business Accelerator’ Retreat in Bali, run by Entrepreneurs Institute and led by Roger James Hamilton. At that time the hospital where she worked was undergoing theatre refurbishment, allowing her to take some time off  month to attend the Retreat. On her return the catalyst for her decision to retire from medicine and  move  time to entrepreneurship came about -

The new operating tables in the newly refurbished theatres could now facilitate operations on patients weighing up to 450 kgs - NO WAY!

Retirement was 10 years away – WAY TOO LONG!

Eileen could not reconcile her commitment to people’s health and wellbeing with her professions ‘resignation’ and preparations to accommodate massive obesity. She was disillusioned with the direction of medicine, lack of leadership and personal responsibility, and the worsening of mental health in society in general.  Not treating the issue, just accommodating the symptom, was not the way forward for her.

She felt that people were weighed down by an equivalent weight (450 kgs) on their minds and a had a desire to change what people were feeding their minds! Surely we could better nourish ourselves words, than poison ourselves with worry and drugs.

Returning from Bali she resolved to focus on expanding  ‘Get Up & Go Publications’ as she knew this had the potential to positively impact more people than her ‘hands’ ever could.

Also, when she met Roger James Hamilton, who created the Wealth Dynamics Profiling tools, in Bali, he had asked her 2 questions:

  1. What is your Profile? She answered (reluctantly) A Star Profile. To which he remarked … mmm, you don’t find too many Satars in Medicine….
  2. What is it like for a Star to be an Anaesthetist -  to which she replied (truthfully) “I think it’s exhausting.”

Note: Star is one of the 8 Wealth Dynamics profiles created by Roger James Hamilton, showing entrepreneurs their personalised path to wealth, which is based on ancient Chinese teachings. To find out more, please follow this link.

These 2 questions sparked a strong response for Eileen and she made the decision to pursue her diaries and make a difference to people’s minds full time!

She had started with The Irish Get Up & Go Diary in 2007 and had added a Teen Diary to the range in 2012, one she was particularly proud of as teen mental health issues were coming to the fore. Business picked up slowly as she noticed repeat customers buying diaries for friends and family.

She has since gone on to develop:

  • The Get Up & Go Diary for Busy Women
  • The Get Up & Go Young Person’s Diary (Teens)
  • The Get Up & Go Travel Journal
  • The Get Up & Go Students Journal
  • The Get Up & Go Genius Journal (Entrepreneurs)
  • The Get Up & Go Gratitude Journal
  • The Get Up & Go Young All-Stars Sports Journal (8-10 years)
  • The Get Up & Go Heroes (stories of ‘real’ people, role models)

She also loves to speak at schools, organisations and associations to share her message and has recently collaborated with schools to co-create their own Homework Journal (via a competition amongst the kids ) and is currently partnering with other entrepreneurs to co-create similar products for various markets, including translating into other languages.

Eileen is passionate about making a difference to the mental health and wellbeing of both adults and young people, showing us how our language creates our reality, so what are we paying attention to? She says that words are powerful, and that how we speak (to ourselves and others) determines our reality. So how can we become more aware of this ‘power’ we have and design a better world for ourselves? It’s urgent now….it’s time to wake up!

This is where her diaries and journals come in, using mindful words and sayings and combining with positive phrases to feed our minds better words, thoughts and ultimately better connection, both to ourselves and those around us.

Eileen is also sharing her story in a new book, which is currently being written, which shares the “Hero’s or Heroine’s Journey Story” as a Social Impact Entrepreneur. Eileen is one of many social impact entrepreneurs sharing their story in this book and was keen to get involved with the project to share her global vision of ‘waking people up’.

As you will hear in this interview, Eileen is not afraid to talk now and share her passion to positively impact our minds and ‘wake us up’!

Her message to readers and listeners is:

  • Be aware of how your language is creating your ‘reality’
  • Notice what are you paying attention to?
  • Be responsible for how you speak when others are listening
  • Words are powerful, so choose them wisely
  • Listen to your self-talk
  • Show up where you want to be - this will allow you to connect with like-minded people.
  • If not now, then when?

And her final message….your biggest ‘mentor’ is  between your ears – however it’s not always serving you – when you listen to others (trusted) rather than yourself – everyone can become a mentor. (ie everyone has something valuable to contribute)

At the Business Connections Podcast we are all about sharing stories that demonstrate the power of connection.

Eileen Forrestal started out her career as an anaesthetist - ‘putting people to sleep’ and is now in the business of 'waking people up’ via her coaching and Get Up & Go Publication company.

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