How To Be An Energised Leader: How We Manage Our Personal Energy

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May 23
How To Be An Energised Leader: How We Manage Our Personal Energy Social

With the start of our new Energised Leader series, we thought it would be a good chance to tell you a little more about us, what makes us tick, and what we’ve learned about our own personal energy over the years.

In this episode, I (Angie) ask Shane a few key questions around personal energy and share my perspective on being part of an energised couple, running a business together and how our own family atmosphere bleeds over into our business. 

Episode highlights:
  • What drains Shane’s personal energy - lack of self-discipline
  • Shane’s constant struggle with self-worth - a problem most people have
  • Extrovert vs introvert - Carl Jung’s personality theory and how Shane sees it
  • How getting lost in his thinking drains Shane’s energy
  • The intellectual mind - a powerful thing but also an Achilles heel
  • Emotions are just energy - learning to understand them and how to diffuse them
  • Angie’s struggle with the blame game
  • Is your brain draining your energy?
  • How we recover when we’re feeling low on energy - taking care of the body and mitochondria
  • The five steps Shane takes to boost his energy levels - sunlight, grounding himself, breathing, immersing himself in cold water and being still
  • The link between your environment and your energy
  • The importance of being still in meditation
  • How the sun heals you when your energy levels are low and finding your little slice of happiness and success
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The intellectual mind is mightier than the sword. It's a thing that's revered the most in our society right now, and I know what my analytical intellectual mind is like. It's razor sharp; I want it that way. - Shane Saunders #BreatheMe #Energy

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