From Chaotic To Coherent – Every Great Leader Needs To Know How

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Apr 11
From Chaotic To Coherent - Every Great Leader Needs To Know How Social

Our podcasts are inspired by the discussions we have and information we collect from travelling the world and carrying out our workshops with individual clients and corporations.

We try to look at what people need when working in high pressure, high performance jobs and have to maintain focus for long periods of time. One of the most common problems for people we’ve met is not having any bandwidth - having lots of tangled ideas that leads to chaotic thinking.

In this episode, we’re taking a look at how you can go from chaotic to coherent thinking and feeling using just your breath.

Episode Highlights: 
  • Common problems of those working in high pressure, high performance jobs
  • Not having the bandwidth - chaotic thoughts
  • How to find the energy to start a new project
  • Shifting something to increase your energy levels
  • Listening to the body - the importance of the vagus nerve that connects your gut to your brain
  • Alerts to your brain when something isn’t right and typical feelings of anxiety and depression that may come with that
  • Breathing is a behaviour - the easiest, fastest way to increase your energy is to change your behaviour
  • Our 7-Step Quick Start Program for breathing
  • Following a framework when breathing to increase your energy - the three shapes of breathing (square, circle and triangle)
  • Learning to be present so you can do the things you really want to
  • Developing a trigger - something you can do to shift your state so you can relax, energise yourself or enter a meditative state if you want to
  • Angie’s trigger and when she uses it - a huge sigh of relief
  • The lesson we’ve learned - breathing can help you regulate and control the way you feel
  • How using the breath can help you transition from role to role, project to project or task to task
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The feeling of energy in your body is the feeling of being present. When you start to go off course, you’re going to know, so it’s about having the energy to course-correct. #BreatheMe #Breathing #Energy

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