Facebook B2B secrets and more with Hung Le

Facebook B2B secrets and more with Hung Le

Hung Le is an entrepreneurial mastermind, a digital nomad and a mentor and coach. If you’re an entrepreneur this is an episode you won’t want to miss! Hung gives some extremely thought provoking insights and epic truth bombs. If you’re looking to make some changes to your business and switch up your advertising campaigns then this episode is not to be missed.

Hung Le

Facebook B2B secrets and more. Podcast interview with @TheHungLe, @MColling and @brett_jarman

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In this episode

  • Hung Le introduces his journey in the entrepreneurial world so far
  • How a Google update impacted his team of 12-14 and his business in 2014
  • Hung had his friends and peers reach out to him for some mentoring and coaching which he willingly took on board.
  • Since then he has mentored 3 dozen entrepreneurs with over half running multi million dollar companies and the other half over 6 figures.
  • Hung explains how being a mentor is super rewarding
  • Hung has also built a technology start-up and the struggles and challenges faced with the task
  • He discuss’ how you don’t know how to structure your business until you master the concept of flow (A Roger Hamilton concept)
  • The importance of being connected to yourself and your company
  • Hung Le’s purpose: Empowering people to be at their best and how their business is a vehicle to extend that better version of yourself. Which is why he enjoys mentoring and coaching so much
  • Hung Le gives his insight into the Pareto principle and how it’s helped shape how he does business and life in general
  • If you understand the leverage points of your business the more likely you are to achieve your goals faster
  • How Hung’s entrepreneurial journey has impacted his connections in business
  • The better your team, the better your business
  • Hung lives by the principle of: If you give enough than you earn the permission to be able to ask what you want
  • He shares his clever trick for targeting business to business (B2B) clients using Facebook advertising

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