Brett Jarman

Brett Jarman is the CEO & Founder of Help Me Leverage, Executive Producer of the Experts on Air Podcast Network, & Author of the non-bestselling book, Soul Operator - How to Be Your Own Boss and Build a Business With Purpose. He’s the host of The Help Me Leverage Podcast and co-host of The Business Connections Podcast.

Melanie Colling

Melanie Colling is a collaboration expert, passionate about helping fellow business leaders and experts succeed by helping them to accelerate their businesses to the next level through collaboration to become in demand industry leaders.

Michelle and Jan Terkelsen

Dynamic guests for your podcast or interview show covering all aspects of professional leadership. - Leadership Trainers, Executive Coaches, Team Building Experts, Personality Profiling Professionals, Hosts of The People Leaders Podcast.

Jon Hollenberg

Jon Hollenberg’s passion is helping with small and medium businesses and business owners to thrive.
Since starting his own business in 2006 he’s built an international team of 22 that serves businesses throughout Australia, providing quality website design and support services.

Cullen Brugman

Cullen Brugman is a Business Dashboard Specialist.
While many people talk about ‘moving the needle’ in their business, few business owners actually know what the key needles are, let alone if they are moving in the right direction. This is where Cullen comes in.

Andrew Clark

Andrew J Clark is a consultant in warehousing and logistics and the founder and Managing Director of Logistics Help. In his career, Andrew has worked with large corporate organisations including Baxter Healthcare, Pfizer, Linfox, DHL, Government agencies as well as small and medium businesses to help them achieve major improvements in the performance of their logistics operations.

Jeremy Streten

Jeremy Streten is a successful entrepreneur and lawyer applying his passion and experience to help entrepreneurs and small to medium sized business owners to succeed in their business so that they can live the life that they want to live.

Gillian Andale

Gillian feels she has been in training all her life for her role as the Modern Mother’s Mentor and owner of Family Relationship Dynamics. She has had a fulfilling professional career holding senior roles in Business Transformation and Project Management, which allowed her to live on five different continents and work in over 40 different countries. 

Libby Dale

Libby Dale is a digital professional passionate about all things related to customer experience and customer success. She is drawn to finding new ways to use technology to help customers and improve the business bottom line. Not one to ‘go with the flow’, Libby has found a solution to fix customer churn for good. She says ‘Yes, the barriers to switching have been eroded and customers certainly are king, but now there is the technology to help you to do something to retain customers and stop churn.’

Eriks Celmins

Eriks is an Australasian award-winning radio programmer, who uses research to develop a better understanding of the audience, and create high-rating content. While working with major media brands across Australia & NZ, he ventured into research. It became clear that combining his creative flair for producing content, with his analytical side, blended into a unique perspective on research.

Julie Crockett

Julie Crockett is a property investing expert and buyers agent helping Australians to take action to create their own financial independence through investing in high net worth residential property, Australia wide.

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