Feel The Force: Cultivating Your Energy To Build Resilience

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Apr 25
Feel The Force: Cultivating Your Energy To Build Resilience

A hot topic that is being thrown around the corporate arena, the entrepreneurial space, and even in schools lately, is being resilient.

The trouble is, most people don’t have the bandwidth to deal with even the slightest of knockbacks. They lack the energy needed to deal with everyday life.

So in this episode, we chat about how by connecting with your body, you can cultivate the energy needed to build resilience at work and at home.

Episode highlights

  • What is resilience?

  • Bad habits that people tend to turn to when they’ve had a bad day - chocolate, alcohol or even drugs

  • How changing your bad habit can be enough to flip the switch and create more energy so you can bounce back

  • Thinking of resilience training as cultivating your energy and strength little by little

  • An example of how martial arts builds resilience by teaching students to absorb the blow

  • The best way to boost your energy to overcome obstacles is by starting with the body

  • How a lack of sleep, poor diet, lack of exercise can affect your energy and affect other people around you

  • Matthew Walker, sleep expert - a lack of sleep can lead to loneliness which ‘deflects’ the company of others

  • Mapping out your physical energy

  • The four key elements of physical energy: boosting personal energy, ability to deflect, letting go of tension and knowing when to rest and when to take action

  • Looking at your mental energy - where do you spend most of your energy? Trust? Love? Courage? Integrity?

  • Our mantra: ‘powered by joy’

  • Step one is connecting to your body - you’ll feel less fragile when you do

  • Feeling The Force - creating uncomfortable experiences that build strength

  • How ice baths help us build resilience

  • Pain is resistance of letting go, resistance of the natural process

  • Creating the feeling of resilience - how Angie did that in childbirth

People tend to associate being uncomfortable with being in pain but you can lean on discomfort. The important thing to remember is that pain is just a resistance to letting go. #BreatheMe #Resilience

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