Finding the Middle Ground of Thought Leadership

Finding the Middle Ground of Thought Leadership

Thought leadership can be a scary prospect.

It’s one thing to know your subject matter well, but to call yourself a thought leader? That can seem like a stretch for most. After all, that spot’s already been taken hasn’t it?

This is why you might struggle to maintain momentum with your authority and content marketing efforts. There may be a handful of industry leaders who get all the attention so it seems like your efforts fall on deaf ears. It’s not an all or nothing game though. 

In this episode:

  • Exploring the idea of finding the ‘middle ground of thought leadership.’
  • What is a thought leader?
  • Thought leadership isn’t just for A-List players. It’s an incremental journey but you have to claim your space.
  • Why the Imposter Syndrome is Keeping You Trapped on the Serengeti Plains (and what to do about it)
  • Finding the Middle Ground of Thought Leadership. It can be pretty fertile territory and it’s there for the taking.
  • Is it too crowded at the top of your industry? Claim some space on the way to the top and watch what happens.
  • Still waiting for someone to tap you on the shoulder and call you a thought leader? Try tapping yourself.
  • Do you have the courage to call yourself a thought leader in your industry? Do you even need any courage?

There may or may not be room at the top but a lot of the measures of success can be found in the middle ground. #thoughtLeadership

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