Getting an Edge on Presentation Skills with Andrew Eggelton

Getting an edge with presentation skills with andrew eggelton

​​​Andrew Eggelton, is a modern day system disruptor, writer, artist, TV presenter, speaker and describes his inner child as a rebel. With over 20 odd years in the entertainment industry including working in films, TV series, hosting major events and winning numerous international awards along the way.

Andrew Eggelton

Getting an edge on presentation skills with Andrew Eggelton

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In this episode

  • How Andrew started in the industry
  • How a pound of weed kicked off Andrew’s entrepreneurial career
  • Andrew’s take on performance anxiety and why it’s not necessary
  • How Andrew builds connections in his business and his process
  • How Andrew get’s his client to connect with themselves and taking off their mask
  • Andrew just naturally fell into the coaching
  • How does Andrew make people comfortable in front of the camera
  • Andrews ability to use his unconscious competence
  • How you can remove pressure and anxiety from a situation
  • How to get the mind and the mouth to waltz together
  • What Andrew has never shared before and something he’s only just realised in the last 7 days
  • Presenters and their need to connect with their audience
  • Andrews biggest lesson in making business connections and how he made that connection​

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