Grow Your Clinic Podcast – Establishing Your Online Voice and Authority with Brett Jarman


In one of his essays published in 1996, Bill Gates wrote the famous phrase, “Content is King.” He believed that the most important thing the Internet has given us is access to information. This rings true to this current day and age where we get almost all of our information from the Internet – whether that’s the news, the latest memes, or what our friend’s been up to lately.

And in this episode, Brett and Jack talks about why it’s almost imperative for a business to create online content, how content creation and content marketing can impact businesses, and how to get started with content creation.

Brett also shares his expertise on podcasting and how his company, Help Me Leverage, helps business owners realize their content marketing goals, establishing them as trusted voices in their own niches.

Show Notes
  • [0:01:13.8] Rapid fire questions: reading list, who inspires you, childhood aspirations, motto you live by
  • [0:03:57.2] How Brett got into marketing
  • [0:05:44.4] About Help Me Leverage
  • [0:07:45.4] How to be a person of authority in your niche
  • [0:09:00.1] Experience as an advantage in establishing authority
  • [0:12:15.3] Where to Start: Building your voice and authority online
  • [0:13:39.2] Why online content works in building authority
  • [0:16:03.3] Tips to get more people to notice you and your business
  • [0:17:51.6] Some tips on repurposing content
  • [0:19:46.3] Why podcasting is a great way to getting started with content
  • [0:21:22.2] How your connections can position you as a person of authority
  • [0:22:31.5] Get to know more about Brett and what he does

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