Grow Your Clinic Podcast – Web Design Trends for 2020 (And Other Design and Content Tips) with Jon Hollenberg


Jon Hollenberg is the owner of Five By Five, a website design agency dedicated to creating beautiful websites that “show people’s magic to the world.”. He talks about the recent trends in web design this 2020 and what kind of content and web elements best attracts prospect clients to make a booking decision.

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Show Notes
  • [0:01:10.8] Rapid-fire questions: reading list, who inspires you, childhood aspirations, motto you live by
  • [0:05:55.0] How Jon ended up in the website design industry
  • [0:07:18.3] Growing a website design agency
  • [0:09:42.5] What does a good website look like?
  • [0:11:31.9] Doesn’t great content prevent people from seeing us?
  • [0:12:37.7] Creating content for the local community
  • [0:13:44.0] Key design elements that reinforces brand authenticity
  • [0:16:06.7] How websites help client make a booking decision
  • [0:17:46.2] Why Jon finally decided to let go of the reigns and hire a CEO
  • [0:20:25.9] Board of Directors vs. Mentor
  • [0:23:26.0] Learning to trust your team
  • [0:25:39.2] How Jon handles team members who don’t live up to their role
  • [0:27:52.0] Get to know more about Jon and his team

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