Guests for Podcast Hosts

Hosting podcast guests should be easier...

Having quality guests on your podcast has its upsides, and while it’s not exactly complicated, it isn’t always easy. There’s a few steps involved:

  1. Identify potential guest
  2. Approach the guest and get a commitment to appear
  3. Coordinate interview times
  4. Coordinate guest bio and prep questions for guest
  5. Conduct the interview
  6. Publish interview and follow up inviting guest to co-promote

Seems easy enough but as you know, any number of things can happen along the way.

The guest can change their mind about being interviewed. The bio turns up as a hastily assembled set of bullet points. The guest dials in from what sounds like an echo chamber with no headset or microphone.

And one of the most common problems of all, the guest turns up and gets exposure to your audience with almost no effort to promote the episode once it goes to air.

This might help...

What if you had a source for quality pre-screened and pre-qualified guests for your podcast who are committed to co-promote the episode?

We’ve got just the thing, a free booking service that takes away some of the headache of hosting guests and leaves you with the fun bits - having an interesting conversation that adds value to you and your audience.

Experts On Air has a growing talent pool of quality expert guests looking for interview opportunities. They are experienced and interesting guests that are pre-screened by us to ensure they are a fit for your show and your audience.

What’s more, we follow up and help them co-promote your episode on their network and ours.

Here’s how it works

Once you register your details about you and your podcast free of charge below, we’ll swing into action:


WE search our talent pool for guests that we think might be a fit. If we don’t have anyone on our books we’ll see if we can find someone.


WE send you the bio and background of the guest(s) we’ve identified for you to review and accept (or not).


​WE brief the guest and coordinate with you to arrange a suitable interview time. If you have an automated booking system for your guests, we’ll arrange the time through that.


​YOU conduct the interview with the guest.


​WE follow up with you to find out publication dates and relevant details.


WE provide the guest with some promotional collateral to promote the episode through their network and social channels and follow up to ensure they follow through. WE promote the episode through the Experts On Air network and social channels


​WE go back to Step 1 and repeat.

As you can see, you get to keep the fun part and we take care of the rest.

If you’re ready to start, please register below now. It’s completely free. And if you've got any questions...

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why do you offer this to podcast hosts for free?

How do I know the guest will be a quality guest.

What kind of ‘collateral’ do you provide for the guest to promote the episode?

Can you get me spots as a guest on other people’s podcast as well?

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