Headhunted Shortlist – Testing Executive Talent In The Marketplace

Arete Podcast with Richard Triggs

Apr 02
Headhunted Shortlist - Testing Executive Talent In The Marketplace Social

What do you do when you’re thinking about replacing a current employee who is underperforming? Or have a position to fill and an internal candidate who meets the requirements of the role, but you want to make sure you’re hiring the right person for the job?

I discussed these scenarios, and our Headhunted Shortlist package, with Brett Jarman, Founder and Executive Producer of Experts On Air, the producers of the Arete Podcast.

In this episode: 

  • Using the Headhunted Shortlist when you have a position to fill and want to ensure your internal candidate is the best person for the role
  • Arete Executive’s assignment to hire a CFO for a mining company
  • The Headhunted Shortlist package - delivering candidates for 7.5% of package
  • How our package can benefit organisations
  • Why hiring internally might not be the best fit, despite it being good for business culture
  • Using the Headhunted Shortlist when you’re thinking of terminating somebody who is underperforming and replacing them with new external talent
  • Maintaining confidentiality while you solve your internal situation
  • Why internal recruiters aren’t always good
  • How the Headhunted Shortlist actually works
  • Our process is based on Lou Adler’s method, Performance Based Hiring
  • What we guarantee to deliver

When headhunting for clients, we can clearly articulate the role to potential candidates with the detailed performance profile we put together. If they’re not interested, we ask them for referrals. #HeadhuntedShortlist #Recruitment

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