Health, Happiness and High Performance In Business

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We go really deep in our conversation with Mark: a former AFL player who now empowers people and business to achieve top performance. Mark is trained in western health science and eastern medicine; he is a 3-time bestselling author and just for good measure, he is CEO of the Australian branch of the David Lynch Foundation of Transcendental Meditation. Importantly for us, Mark is a master at deconstructing complex theory and giving simple advice that we can all benefit from.

See some of Mark’s top tips below:

** There is so much information going around the globe at the moment… we all have access to it, but it’s what people do differently in their mindspace that distinguishes the high achievers from the also-rans. (4:50 – 6:00)

** Science is telling us that the leading edge of business today is meditation and the ability to transcend and develop consciousness. (6:30 - 7:40)

** Sleep and food are very simple things you can improve to achieve top-level performance. The time that you eat and sleep can make all the difference. (12:30 to 14:00)

** Pay attention to nature’s cycles. Living in tune with the cycles of nature will improve your business performance. (15:50 - 17:00)

** Sunlight improves our mood and sets up our sleep/wake cycle. Getting good sleep isn’t just about what you do in the evenings. (19:45 - 20:30)

** Write things down! The extra commitment of putting something on paper makes you more likely to develop good habits. What separates the high performers from the rest is simple daily habits. (25:40 - 26:10)

** The same respect for the world around you should apply to business as well as your personal life. Hire the people with the right skills for the right roles. If it’s not a natural fit then don’t do it! (31:00 - 32:00)

In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

** The "genius lounge” of our minds

** The importance of rest

** Physiological cycles explained

** An introduction to ayurvedan medicine

** Has the Covid-19 crisis benefited the wellbeing of employees?

** How AFL applied holistic thinking to team management

** How to make a positive thought your natural default

** The basic concepts of transcendental meditation