How To Be Headhunted: The Dos And The Don’ts

Arete Podcast with Richard Triggs

Feb 05
How to get headhunted

I talk a lot about the dos and the don’ts of recruitment and hunting for work, but what are the rules of being headhunted? Is there a right way to respond to being headhunted? Similarly, are there right and wrong ways to go about headhunting somebody?

In this episode, Brett Jarman, (the founder and CEO of Experts On Air, the producers of the podcast) joins me again to decipher the tricky subject. 

In this episode: 

  • The first steps of headhunting - finding the available talent to fill the role

  • LinkedIn as the most common way of engaging with a potential candidate

  • The importance of making yourself visible on LinkedIn and how to do that through keywords

  • What to expect from a recruiter - phone calls, emails and LinkedIn messages

  • Being open to chats about possible opportunities

  • How to manage your salary expectations

  • Telling legitimate recruiters from those just trying to make money

  • Loose lips sink ships  - dealing with the stress of your current employer finding out you’ve had discussions with other companies

  • Confidentiality - knowing your right to say no to a recruiter

You need to make yourself visible in order to be headhunted, which is why LinkedIn is likely the number one tool used by recruiters to identify available talent. #HeadhuntedShortlists #Career #Recruitment

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