How To Become The Chief Of Your Child’s Special Needs Tribe: My Book

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Dec 30
How To Become The Chief Of Your Child’s Special Needs Tribe: My Book

Today I’m talking about writing a book; the process and all that goes with it.

I speak to many business owners who have plans to write a book. It was something I thought about, and something I was always encouraged to do.

Different people poked and probed and said, "What about a book? You should write a book." I never really took them seriously. I was of the belief that because I work with families and children, like everybody else, I had nothing different or interesting to say.

It was during a business program that it really dawned on me that there were some glaring gaps in the allied health market so I wrote ‘Becoming Chief: How To Lead Your Child's Special Needs Tribe’.

In this episode: 

  •  Keeping parents’ needs in mind when writing the book
  • The planning process - working with a book mentor to come up with a structure
  • The writing process - how I wrote my book in 30 days
  • Editing, illustrations and graphics - when the real adventure began
  • A brief outline of the contents of my book - what you’ll find in each chapter

“The NDIS was slowly making its way through the trial sites back in 2013-14. It took quite a few years for the market to pick up on supporting parents. That's where I got the energy for jumping into the book writing caper.” #AlliedHealth #NDIS #Author

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