How To Control Your Mind Using Your Breath

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Dec 07
How To Control Your Mind Using Your Breath

Often people tend to make decisions and choices using a chaotic way of thinking. When the brain is running in ‘survival mode’, we have to make split-second decisions so we just do what needs to be done.

In hindsight, we often would’ve made a very different decision or choice had we been in a different place or situation.

But we can learn to control the mind with the breath, using it to move from chaotic thinking to coherent thinking. Having said that, we do need both ways of thinking...

Episode highlights

  • The two hemispheres of the brain - chaotic and coherent

  • Understanding the masculine and feminine energies

  • Bringing balance to the brain with the nose - activating the ‘alternate nostril’

  • Connecting with yourself using the breath - understanding your choices and beliefs

  • How your different energies control your habits - will, desire, intellect, imagination

  • Inducing a peak state - using the breath to integrate your energies

  • How the brain shuts down and reorganises itself

  • The breath is the thread - mind control is about you and your choices

Controlling your mind with the breath helps you to identify your identity. It can help you start to bring your imagination, your will, and your desire into focus. #BreatheMe #FitForBusiness #StateOfMind

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