How To Motivate Your Team As A People Leader

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May 23
How To Motivate Your Team As A People Leader Social

How to motivate my team? It’s a common but elusive question that many people leaders struggle with. Your team's drive and desire to perform well is key to their productivity and success. Yet the truth is, you can't really motivate people unless they want to do it themselves. So where does that leave you? In this podcast we discuss four focus areas to consider when thinking about how to motivate your team.

In this episode

  • The importance of asking yourself questions
  • A motivated team starts with a motivated leader
  • When figuring out improvements, it’s essential to first clarify what you want to be different
  • Why is motivating my team important to me?
  • Understanding what improved motivation means is essential before you step into discussions with your team.
  • Acknowledgement is a powerful tool in your motivational arsenal – and it’s one of the easiest things to give
  • Simple steps to a more motivated and hard-working team

How To Motivate Your Team As A People Leader

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