Ian Patterson Making IT Happen for Social Enterprises

Ian Patterson. Making IT happen for social enterprises

Ian Patterson has been working in IT for over 20 years. He is the founder of Human IT, an IT organisation in the non for profit sector (NFP), or as Ian calls it the profit for purpose sector. Human IT is a services firm founded in 2001 and they work with mission based organisations to create a positive impact in the world. They work in a partnership form to use technology to make a greater impact. Do you know what IT actually is? Are you curious about how IT can help improve your business? If your business is driven by its mission base then this episode is not to be missed.

Ian Patterson

How do mission based businesses make IT happen? Ian Patterson shares. @Human_IT

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In this episode

  • In the early days of business Human IT were working in the corporate space but soon realised that there was a growing need for medium sized business who needed not only IT consulting but strategy
  • Ian explains the evolution of Human IT
  • Since switching from the corporate to the the social sector the impact on the business has been great. It’s given the business a clear focus on: What are we here to do? What are we actually helping with? And how best we can help?
  • By having clarity on who their clients are they are able to better service these organisations
  • The non for profit sector Ian describes is treated like the ‘poor cousin’ when it comes to IT
  • Ian describes what an IT strategy is
  • How technology can make your life and business greater
  • Ian gives thought provoking insight on how to look at the non for profit sector differently
  • How profit for purpose shapes the way you look at a charity and how it really is a business
  • Ian explains how he sets up a personal professional development plan each year

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