Ingrid Vercammen Interview – Women Beyond Ordinary

Ingrid Vercammen Interview – Women Beyond Ordinary Social

Ingrid Vercammen was originally a Psychotherapist in her native Belgium, who moved to New Zealand and became a successful entrepreneur, and who is now focusing on speaking and empowering women.

But Ingrid’s story is much more than just that as you will discover in this interview. Hers is a story of both courage and resilience.

Ingrid attended boarding school as a young girl but was not encouraged to attend University. But believing in herself and learning to educate herself she went on to eventually obtain a Masters Degree.

She started a successful jewellery trading business only to lose everything after being held up at gunpoint, badly beaten and ending up in hospital. She lost her business, her possessions, her home and her marriage, and she had 2 small children at the time.

After a long recovery time both physically and mentally she embarked on a spiritual journey, studying massage, chakra healing and Psychotherapy, amongst others.

A car accident led her and her 2nd husband to seek a safer life, which led them to New Zealand. Her husband, an engineer, had developed an automatic pancake making machine. This led to a connection with a baker who encouraged them to make pancakes for his bakery, the largest in New Zealand.

In quick succession they had moved countries, purchased a new home and established a new business. With her husband heading up production, Ingrid focused on sales, marketing and HR, building a very successful manufacturing business and team over the following 18 years. And adding import/export to her job description, Ingrid also led the company into the Australian and Asian markets.

She covered multiple areas of her business such as food safety, distribution, export certificates, culture differences in taste and business behaviour , HR , how to construct and apply for a grant and prepare for winning awards. She once appeared on the TV series, ‘Dragon’s Den’ successfully walking away with investment.

Her wish to slow down and do less travelling prompted her to seek a CEO to take over and replace her. She employed a female CEO in February 2018 who is continuing to build and further develop this business. When Ingrid stepped away, she was not replaced by just 1 person, she was replaced by 3 people!

Ingrid is self taught and self motivated. If she needed to know something she learnt it by studying, reading books and seeking out people who could give her the answers. This included importing, exporting, marketing, sales, team management, recruitment and the list goes on! What Ingrid learned on this journey of business and entrepreneurship she is now seeking to share with her female peers.

Ingrid’s latest venture is Women Beyond Ordinary where she is sharing her learnings to empower our next generation of women through coaching and mentoring. She is creating a platform for women to learn, giving women a voice to do business and empowering them through mindset and balancing the physical body, mind and spirit (life-family-you).

She also hosts panel discussions, networking events and ultimately wants to provide online courses and programs to support women globally. She has plans for a book, more speaking and workshops. She has found her true self!

Her wish is to train others to help share her message and wealth of experience to take over from her.

“I would like to make a blueprint for other cities and towns to sign up for and become part of Women Beyond Ordinary".

She has overcome adversity both personally and professionally. She had great faith in her abilities and never gave up. And now, together with her experience with meditation, visualisation and mind control she is empowering other to follow her lead.

Her message to readers and listeners is:

  • If you don’t know something…..find out how to do it, any way you can
  • Have faith in your abilities and never doubt them
  • If you get an opportunity - jump at it!
  • Find your Purpose and enjoy the journey
  • Remove all negativity from your life

And her final message….Believe in yourself and you can do it too! Never give up!

At the Business Connections Podcast we are all about sharing stories that demonstrate the power of connection.

We thank Ingrid Verammen for being generous with her time and sharing her story with us all. We wish Ingrid all the very best with all her new business venture and look forward to seeing her share her wealth of knowledge and huge heart mentoring and coaching her fellow women!

Ingrid Vercammen was originally a Psychotherapist in her native Belgium, who moved to New Zealand and became a successful entrepreneur, and who is now focusing on speaking and empowering women.

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