Interview Techniques For Employers – How To Find The Right Talent

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Feb 20
Interview Techniques For Employers - How To Find The Right Talent

Interview techniques for employers are often overlooked yet having the right skills as the interviewer is just as important as it is for the candidate to have good skills as an interviewee.

As people get promoted to leadership roles in their respective industries, they take on new responsibilities to recruit new talent for their team as and when required. But just because they are good at their own role, it doesn’t mean they are a good interviewer. It is something that can be improved though, with a few simple interview techniques.

In this episode, Brett Jarman (the founder and executive producer of Experts On Air, the producers of the podcast) and I explore:

In this episode: 

    • Arete Executive’s recruitment methodology based on Lou Adler’s performance-based hiring approach

    • What makes a good interview?

    • Thoroughly explaining the role and expectations at the start of the interview

    • An example of three organisations hiring for a similar role with completely different expectations

    • How to ask the right questions to find the right talent for your business

    • Going with your gut on first impressions - decide whether or not you like someone in the first few minutes

    • Ask questions to find evidence to support/argue your initial intuitive reaction to the candidate

    • The importance of being open-minded and unbiased

    • The ‘halo effect’ of a panel interview and how to avoid it

    • Why you need a good assessment tool to rate each candidate against at the end of the interview

    • Common mistakes made by interviewers

    • What not to do as an interviewer - don’t turn up late or take phone calls half way through

    • Think about the interview experience for the candidate - they will go out and talk about it and your business afterwards

    • Why HR people and line managers often clash in the recruitment process - miscommunication means the brief isn’t clearly explained and so the right talent isn’t presented

    • Ask intelligent questions to avoid taking over the interview with white noise

    • Why you should have rational, intelligent conversations with your colleagues after each interview

    • Be sure to follow up once the interview is over and give feedback

    • Arete Executive recommends a series of interviews, lunch/dinner dates when recruiting for senior roles so you can get to know them outside of an interview environment

    • The Headhunted Shortlist package offered by Arete Executive

Many HR professionals are great at their broad range of responsibilities but lack good interviewing skills. It’s certainly difficult to do well but something that everybody can learn to do better. #HeadhuntedShortlists #Recruitment #HR

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