Is Property Investment Your Path to Increased Wealth?

Is Property Investment Your Path to Increased Wealth

Meet Kyron Gosse, a young property investor, from New Zealand but now living and travelling around the world. 

Kyron is a Star profile and in Part 1 of our discussion with him he explains how he went from being a chef on an oil rig to a 'propertypreneur.'

Kyron Gosse Property Investor

Is property investment your path to increased wealth? @KyronGosse shares his ‘Star’ story

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In this episode:

  • ​How his success with investing led him to being committed to being less selfish and to solve bigger problems and to ‘do awesome,’ particularly through the sharing economy
  • How he and others use their star profile to shine and light on people and things that are important to them, and how this led him to create a community of Young Kiwi Investors
  • How he invested in his first property in The Netherlands through a totally random connection back in New Zealand
  • Why it’s important to surround yourself with people who have strengths where you have weaknesses
  • Why the commercial retail property sector is currently being disrupted by the internet
  • His grand plan for cleaning up the world’s oceans and turning islands of plastic into 3D printed houses


Create freedom. Build wealth. Do Awesome  @KyronGosse interview  on the Business Connections Podcast 

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