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Feb 27
Jason Cubit Interview - Developing With A Purpose

In this episode, I chat to Jason Cubit, CEO of not-for-profit Horizon Housing Company, based on the Gold Coast. The company, which is celebrating its 25th birthday this year, provides housing for low income people in need.

Jason has been a part of the company for 11 years, coming from a business background. Horizon’s portfolio spans Townsville, Roma, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Mackay and Gold Coast and includes a range of housing for people escaping domestic violence out of shelters, right through to home ownership.

The company’s 60 staff work with the Queensland state government providing housing and supporting them in the provision of social housing for low income earners. It also works with the development industry providing discount housing options and development projects.

In this episode: 

  • What Horizon Housing Company does - provides housing for low income people in need

  • Horizon Housing stats - 2,500 houses and more under its subsidiaries across 6 countries

  • People who would qualify for housing with Horizon - anyone from a person escaping from domestic violence to a young couple looking to own their first home

  • The current property market and how Horizon responds

  • Horizon’s work with Queensland state government and the development industry

  • Being a charity and a developer

  • Why Jason likes working for a not-for-profit

  • A bit on Jason’s background - born in Tasmania, farming family, 1 sister, studied civil engineering

  • Moving from Tasmania to Queensland

  • Working for Steps and why it was the right fit for Jason

  • Jason’s time at Gold Coast Housing Company

  • The skills Jason needed to learn to be a CEO

  • The challenge of pleasing all stakeholders

  • Milestones throughout Jason’s career at Horizon - major construction program with $55m capital grants from state governments

  • Diversifying the organisation is a big focus - a varied portfolio and support team

  • Horizon is the first organisation in Australia to have a for-profit subsidiary that has an Australian Financial Services License

  • Nationally licensed real estate agency in Queensland and starting out in other states

  • The culture of not-for-profits

  • Merger with Community Housing Limited

  • First organisation to attract investment from a Superannuation Fund for funding housing

  • Jason’s MBA and real estate license

  • Jason’t focus for the next year - rolling out the real estate agency across Australian states

  • Building small developments for seniors on lower incomes in Roma

  • Jason’s small family-owned gym business in Gold Coast

“We have to remind ourselves that we are a charity and we’re here to provide service to our clients.” - @Jason_Cubit #HeadhuntedShortlists #NotForProfit #Charity

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