Jo Formosa Body Torque Interview (Podcast Booking Agency)

Jo Formosa Body Torque Interview Experts On Air Podcast Booking Agency

This episode was first published on the Body Torque website here.

Jo Formosa, the founder of Back2Health and co-founder of Health Dynamics globally, joins me today to talk about the benefits of detoxifying your body to renew and regain your performance and health. She found her way to Ayurveda through the experience that she has personally gone through in her athletic journey.

Jo is an Ayurvedic Health Expert, an Executive Health coach, and a Practitioner and International Speaker in Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Remedial Therapy and Neuro-Strategies with 25 years of experience and training at her back. Her vision is to help people achieve perfect health so they can lead happy and healthy lives free from pain, illness, and mediocrity. Living at optimal health will be the driving force to live your optimal life.

  • Jo’s journey through the years, her sports, her experience getting an injury and the highs and lows that came with it.
  • The benefits that cycling has brought to her life.
  • How a good digestive system can help athletes perform better in their sport.
  • Tips for detoxing.
  • A tried and tested way to rid our bodies of unwanted waste and toxins for better health.
  • An example of an athlete who went through a detoxification program run by Jo and how it helped regain his overall health and performance in sport.
  • The availability of online and face-to-face consultations with Jo.
  • The meaning of Ayurveda.
  • Understanding your body type in Ayurveda.
  • Ways of correcting imbalances before they manifest.
  • The most interesting thing Jo has seen with regard to the positive effects of detox.
  • Jo shares her funniest experience in cycling.