How to Keep Your Team on the Same Page With a Team Charter

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Dec 08
How to Keep Your Team on the Same Page With a Team Charter Social

Working well in a team can often be the difference between project failure and success. One way to increase team cohesion is to develop a team charter that details how the team will work together to get the best result. This simple yet instrumental document encourages members to discuss and agree on how best to coordinate efforts towards their shared goal. It sets out expectations for behaviour and provides a framework for how the team will operate. To get your new team off on the right foot, or to reinvigorate an established one, developing a team charter is an ideal way to gain agreement and ensure everyone is on the same page.

In this episode:

  • What is a Team Charter?
  • How to develop your Team Charter
  • How to use your Team Charter
  • Some real life examples of Team Charter statements
  • Creating a team charter is about bringing the team together and having everyone participate in the process.
  • A well-written team charter will provide clarity and enhance communication and collaboration. By building alignment of values and expectations within the team, it will help you pave the way to deliver better results faster. 

How to Keep Your Team on the Same Page With a Team Charter. Having an agreed set of standards and/or code of conduct is a great way to keep your team performing optimally. #leadership #teamwork #teambuilding

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