Know Your Impact. Know Your Reputation.

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Jul 26
Know Your Impact. Know Your Reputation Social

As a leader or manager you are in a position where you have more impact than most. While your intention will always be for that impact to be positive, sometimes it’s affected by factors you may not be aware of. Your reputation for example.

If you have a reputation for being strong or principled, then chances are your words and your directions will have more impact than someone with a reputation for not walking the talk. Where there’s a misalignment, problems will arise. They may be small or they may be not so small but they will be problems nevertheless.

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In this episode:

  • Seeking feedback can be a challenging process but don’t let that stop you from doing so
  • In order for the feedback to be as honest as possible, you’re going to need to have a third party help you out. They will be receiving and collating the feedback before you receive it.
  • How you can identify your participants
  • You are after a 360 degree view so don’t just go to staff that report directly to you. Identifying your questions
  • The goal is to know what people think rather than who thinks it.
  • Review the feedback. The moment of truth! At this step, it might be helpful to have someone run through this with you, to help you interpret and reflect on the results

Know your impact & know your reputation to manage your leadership & management career #leadership #management

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